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Our Philosophy

Concilio provides and promotes experiences that meet the needs of the children and families enrolled by stimulating learning in all areas of development.
​Concilio's curriculum is developmentally appropriate and challenging to each child. Children learn through making choices in trial and error through curiosity and discovery and by the role models of adults that surround their world. Concilio's program is designed to enhance the individual skills of each and every child and to honor and celebrate their uniqueness. Concilio strongly believes that it is staff and parents communicating and working together in the best interest of the child that promotes continuity and stability in the child's learning.

Guidance & Discipline

Just as adults, children frequently experience conflict and often have difficulty getting along with others. The goal of discipline is really self-control, helping children to take care of themselves and others.


​Children are not subjected to physical (corporal) or psychological punishment, humiliation, mental abuse or any kind of punitive intereference with the daily living functions such as; eating, sleeping, or toileting (CCL Section 101223). 
Children can learn to resolve conflicts and solve problems only through practice and with the guidance of the adults in their lives. Teachers use different strategies to help children acquire skills to resolve conflicts.

Who We Serve

Families enrolled at Concilio Child Development Centers must continually meet eligibility criteria in order to receive subsidized child care services. Families are eligible for services when their adjusted monthly income is at or below 70% of the state median income adjusted for the family size. 


Interested families are to fill out a pre-enrollment application. Approved hours of child care are based on the individual needs and will be determined at the time of registration. Once a family's income reaches a certain dollar amount, the family is responsible to pay a State Family Fee. The monthly fee is a shared cost based upon the income level of the family and family size.

​We serve children ages 3-5. Must come into the office to enroll. Contact Jacqueline Rosas for eligibility requirements.